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Welcome to the graduation website of Scenography programme 2020. On this website you can see the final works of 13 scenographers from the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Students of the Scenography Programme explore and research the experience of space in a theatrical context. Their background is diverse, coming from all over the world and from different disciplines including architecture, sculpture, dance and theatre. For the past two years, they have researched the potential of transforming a space, taking into account the design of imagery, sound, light, material textures and sensory impressions. The position of the audience and how they move – or are moved – in and through the work, forms a particular focus. These profiles showcase the research of the artists in the form of installations/performances. Most striking in these works is the originality and the conscious use of the environment in which they are created. 

The graduation presentation took place via digital medium due to the need for physical distancing. From 21 to 24 October 2020 we exhibited our graduation work at the Make Space 2020 graduation exhibition.

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Tomy Herseta
Sofia Athanasoulia
Silvana Hurtd
Shlomo Benami
Leny Maris
Gilles Pollak
Huang Chih Hua
Cecilia Berghäll
Betina Abi Habib
Astrid Muijderman
Arnaud De Wolf
Aina Roca