Baalat and her Double, a Lecture Epic in Three Acts

Betina Abi Habib presents a Lecture Performance as a Theatrical style. She combines methods of lecturing with Brechtian methods of Distancing and Artaudian fascination with Ritual. In collaboration with Elsa Van der Linden, Per Vissers, and Krystel Abi Habib, Betina performs an adaptation of her own written text entitled Baalat and Her Double. Is it a play? A lecture? An Epic? A ritual? The work questions the boundaries of these forms in a time when the place of Theatre is ambiguous and in flux.

Betina Abi Habib

Betina’s practice is at the intersection of Architecture and Performance. Her site-specific dramatic actions are driven by personal and political questions. She tries to contribute to the discipline of Scenography by insisting that performance gives meaning and specificity to the spaces we inhabit.

Her graduation project was a Lecture Epic in three Acts in which she combines methods of Epic Theatre with the Lecture Performance, and western theatre with eastern ritual.