Duality of Topographies

At her final project of the Master of Scenography that is called Duality of topographies, Sofia created a poetic and performative audiovisual experience which consists of two parts ( i.e a film and a performative experience) that are based on the following questions: How can I create a performative experience that a set of elements like sound, music, film, and light etc. can compose a transitory environment? How will aesthetics and politics be involved with each other? How can I engage the spectator emotionally through a virtual medium?

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Sofia Athanasoulia

Sofia was born in Patras, Greece, in 1991.
She has a background in Theatre Studies and Music.
She has recently graduated from the Master of Scenography, in HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

She is exploring aesthetics and their connection with sensitive atmospheres through scenography. Her wish is to emotionally engage with the spectators and also to activate political awareness. Using music, sound and film as her core scenographic tools, she is composing performative experiences in spaces and she is trying to connect existing places with imaginary ones.